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Sigesmund Zacharias Schutte was born in Germany in 1839 and came to the United States with his father in the 1840's. From New York they traveled to St. Louis by prairie schooner. His father, Zacharias Sigesmund, was a gunsmith there and became a naturalized citizen in 1855.

From St. Louis they headed up the Missouri River by steamboat and then joined a wagon train to a spot near Osawatomie, Kansas, where they became farmers. The Anderson County document found in the table below shows what a character the senior Zacharias must have been as well as the tenacity that the young Zach most assuredly learned from his father.


 Sigesmund Zacharias Schutte
1839 - 1926

After serving in the Union Army during the Civil War, S.Z. came to Kansas City and opened a merchandise store on the northeast corner of 15th and Grand Avenue. That is thought to have been about 1867. 
In 1880 he founded the lumber company at 16th and McGee and lived in the second story of the building. That is where his children were born and his first wife died. The lumber yard later moved to 25th and Grand, then to its current location on Southwest Boulevard.

A little known fact in the history of Kansas City is that S.Z. Schutte, married two sisters, Caroline Kling and then Louise Kling after Caroline's death in 1885.   The offspring of these marriages went on to build the Schutte Lumber Company which still thrives today.  S.Z, often called "Zach", and his children also built an investment company that owned a substantial number of downtown properties and a magnificent farm at what is now 63rd and Mission Road. >> learn more

Other members of the Kling family played an interesting part in early Kansas City history as well.  A sister, Lena, married George Brazel, a very talented engraver.  His ad in the City Directory of 1890 was the most impressive one in the entire book.  A piece of his work is shown above, from a lumber ticket dated May 18, 1898. 

A brother, Johnny Kling, became a legendary catcher for the Chicago Cubs that won 4 pennants and 2 World Series in a five year stretch from 1906-1910.

Caroline Kling
1858 - 1885

Caroline was born in Ohio.  She and S.Z. had three children, Victor E., Carrie and Zacharias. The latter two died in infancy and are buried along with her and S.Z.'s father at Union Cemetery in Kansas City. 

Johnny was also a World's Champion Billiards player and in 1912 built the Dixon Hotel at 12th and Baltimore which housed the finest billiards emporium of the time in the entire country.  He taught his nephew, Bennie Allen, how to play pool and Bennie went on to win 6 world championships.  Johnny also owned the Kansas City Blues minor league baseball team in the mid-1930's.

Louise Kling
1860 - 1942

Louise was born in 1860 and married S.Z. in 1886.  She assisted with the management of the lumber business as it grew into a major Kansas City enterprise. Their children were Carl Otto, Louis Zacharias, and Louise Elizabeth. 

Victor E. Schutte
1878 - 1951

Very little information exists about Victor.  He was the President of both the Lumber Company and the Investment Company, and was known to be the most domineering of the three brothers.  His wife, Caroline E., became president of the lumber company in 1951.


Carl O. Schutte
1887 - 1962

Carl was born in 1887 and became Secretary of the Lumber Company.  He also gained fame as a Cyclist who was part of the U.S. Olympic Team in 1912.  He won 2 bronze medals, one in individual competition and one as a member of the team event. 
>> learn more

Louis Z. Schutte
1890 - 1968

Louis was born in 1890 and became Treasurer of the Lumber Company.  He became sole owner of the Schutte Investment Company in 1950 through a stock trade that transferred his ownership in the lumber company to Caroline E., Vic's wife.  He was an avid sportsman and owned 160 acres of prime duck hunting land near the Swan Lake National Refuge. >> learn more  

Caroline E.
(Mrs. Victor E. Schutte)

She was president and co-owner of the company from 1951 to 1980.  She established the Schutte scholarship for women at Bloch School of Business at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and was listed in Who's Who in American women in business.

Louise E. Schutte
(Mrs. William A. Pirnie)
1896 -

Though Louise was not involved with the Lumber Company, she was a principal in the Schutte Investment Company.

All documents are stored in Adobe PDF format.  To view, click on the arrow to the left of each item .

Naturalization for Zacharias Schutte, St. Louis, 1855  

History of Zacharias Schutte in Anderson County, Kansas


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